MDI Broadband Internet Service Provider in Indonesia with its aim to deliver communication networks, developing the internet business and enabling a suite of application and value added service initially in Indonesia.

MDI business is concentrating in Information technology’s business (System Integrator / Turn-key solution Provider, Broadband Infrastructure Provider, Broadband ISP, IT Products Distributor, VoIP Provider,Pay TV (Digital), Web Design, Digital Activation, Social Media and VSAT Services Provider.)


Broadband Technology: MDI – the second generation ISP, provides high speed Broadband internet access as much as 50 times faster than the regular 56kbps dial up access. When you use MDI, you do not need to dial-up because you will be continuously connected to the network and is always on 24 hours a day, thus it enables you to access the internet or do e-mail at anytime, all the time.

Bandwidth: At the moment MDI has an international bandwidth and also a direct connection to the IIX (Indonesia Internet Ex-change) and private peering, which connect MDI with other local ISP in Indonesia. This link will deliver faster and smoother internet access.

Reliability: MDI’s redundant infrastructure to a number of different routes will minimize the possibilities of network downtime and improve routing efficiency to United States, Asia, and also within Indonesia.

Cost Efficiency: MDI offers a very competitive price with business quality. More importantly, and certainly extremely compelling why you should have broadband internet, is that MDI services allow you to make alternative means of making cheaper telephone calls over Internet. With MDI, You don’t need to buy either leased line nor modem & router equipment. For heavy internet users, MDI broadband access can be cheaper than the Free-dial up ISPs, because users do not have to pay for the expensive phone charges.

Fixed and Controllable Charges: Unlike other ISPs, MDI does not charge based on time or volume of information sent or down-loaded. MDI believes in a one fixed and controllable cost for unlimited usage.

One Stop Total Solution: MDI’s One Stop Total Solution meets all of your computer, networking, communications and applications needs, with the convenience of one point of contact, one point of accountability, and one easy-to-understand bill with a detailed breakdown on each service. We provide well known brands such as Cisco, Nortel, Dell, APC, Alcatel / Xylan, Intel/Shiva, PictureTel Video Conferencing, RAD, Nordx structured cabling, Lotus Notes, Watch Guard firewall, Technical services / consultancy, training, etc.

Plug and Play: Whether you are using a notebook, stand alone PC or part of a large enterprise network, you simply plug into a MDI’s Ethernet wall plate and you’re connected to all of the MDI services you’ve selected. In MDI-Ready buildings, installation takes just hours or days. In other building, installation may take from a few days to 2 weeks.

The Right Products & Services to Suit Everyone: MDI offers acomprehensive list of services with customers in mind. Whether you are a large corporate, government office, own a small to medium business or a student, you may easily choose the most suitable products or bundled offerings to meet your specific needs or budget. Our scalable products enable upgrades in bandwidth and service options on demand, as you need them.

Dedicated access & No legacy Telephone System: MDI’s services are always on, no need to waste your valuable time to dial up especially during the busy hours. Unlike other ISPs, you will not be automatically disconnected from the network to allow others to dial in. MDI is creating its nationwide network with the most advanced technologies and equipment available. We do not carry the burden of upgrading or replacing older equipment and technology as we deploy our network. You don’t need to use regular phone line, expensive leased line, ISDN or frame relay in order to enjoy high speed internet or intranet connection.

Security: MDI security services bring you powerful managed security for far less than you would incur by handling security within your business. MDI maintains a dedicated response center with trained security personnel who immediately respond to any potential threat to a MDI customer.

Excellent Technical Support: Supported by trained / certified engineers, MDI is ready to assist you in trouble shooting a simple PC/Notebook or a complex enterprise networks consisting of multiple local area networks spread nation wide. All MDI services include 24×7 proactive network monitoring and customer support. MDI sales, technical and support personnel are located in every MDI city.


Due to the demand for statistical data Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is increasingly high, both from the ministries / agencies, business sector / private sector, international agencies, and the general public. International bodies such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) routinely requires ICT statistical data from the BPS for the purposes of the preparation of the ICT Development Index as well as for the calculation of core ICT Indicators.

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