A very small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a device – known as a small private earth station – that is used to transmit & receive data signal through a satellite.
The “Very small” component of the VSAT acronym refers to the size of the VSAT dish antenna – typically about 4feet (1.8m) diameter – that is mounted on a roof, or placed on the ground. This antenna, along with the attached low-noise converter (LNB-which receives satellite signals) and the transmitter (BUC-which transmits the radio waves signals) make up the VSAT outdoor unit (ODU), one of the two components of a VSAT earth station.

The satellite modem which makes the connection between the computer is named the indoor unit (IDU) and does all management of that small private low cost earth station. Advantages of using VSAT service is can both reach areas that do not have the infrastructure, such as mountainous areas, offshore drilling, and others. The most important is the availability of stable power supply.
The wireless nature of Broadband IP VSAT system allows the installation at virtually any location within the footprint of the satellite. Currently, the satellite covers Singapore, the entire archipelago of Indonesia and the neighbouring Asian countries. Now, customer’s may setup offices in any locations without being constained by the availability of terrestrial lines. At the same time, customer’s may relocate their offices to any place, yet still maintain their communication links. Broadband IP VSAT system has Auto Power Adjustment feature and a Bit Error Rate (BER) of approaching 1 x 10-9, thus providing reliable connectivity even under bad weather conditions.

Broadband IP VSAT network has the ability to scale according to customer’s requirements with low incremental cost. This especially important as business rows over time. A new site can be added to the network by installing a remote Broadband IP VSAT terminal. A Broadband IP VSAT network can support thousands of remote terminals.

Satellite networks offer excellent security against unauthorized access. Every remote terminal is manage and monitored from Network Operations Centre (NOC). Banks, financial institutions and military around the world uses satellite system to carry critical and sensitive data and transactions, thus testifying the high security level of satellite network.

The entire Broadband IP VSAT network is constantly manage and monitored by a team of qualified engineers at the NOC. Problems can be detected early and quick resolutions are carried out before they affect the network continuity.

One of the advantages of Broadband IP VSAT technology is its direct connectivity between end – points. Every Broadband IP VSAT link is established directly through the satellite, bypassing intermediate terrestrial lines. Therefore, faults and problems with the network can be identified, isolated and fixed quickly.

Broadband IP VSAT can adapt quickly and cost – effectively to changes in communication requirements by reconfiguring the network from the central size with ease.

Unlike traditional satellite providers, MDI remote Broadband IP VSAT terminals are very economical. The monthly rental charge is tailored to the customer’s need.